View Full Version : Player@Real Madrid & Youth Coach@Porto at the same time!

24-01-2009, 16:50
I've seen lots of many funny things in the history of football manager but this is a special one. At least for me. Can someone please explain this:


Dear Fabio leaves real madrid on Nov 13, 2013 as a PLAYER, but somehow he is also joining to FC Porto as a YOUTH COACH on July 5, 2011.

Nice job, fabio, it's not an easy job to come and play for madrid and then go to portugal and make some coaching, and then go to london and make some management, all at the same time for like 2 and a half years..

24-01-2009, 17:07
he also was at chelsea after he left porto until he left real, thats even more impressive

24-01-2009, 17:13
Yeah he went to chelsea as the assistant manager of carlo ancelotti. Ancelotti's 4-3-2-1 works very fine so far by the way, he's winning almost everything with chelsea.