View Full Version : Shaking off injuries

24-01-2009, 16:15
If a player is injured but they stay on, and just have a little injured sign on their marker, they're supposed to be able to "shake off" the injury, right?

Does anyone have any experience of their players running the injury off with no lasting effects? If i leave the player on he always ends up with an injury after the match.

Taking them off usually prevents injury, although not always, but surely you shouldn't have to if your assistant manager is telling you he should be able to shake it off? Of course sometimes he might not be able to, but every time i leave a player on he gets injured. Which makes little sense as far as i can see.

24-01-2009, 16:18
In my experience if the player has an injured sign then he will be injured after the match. However, if it's just a knock (the condition has gone down, but no injury sign) then they can shake it off.

24-01-2009, 16:25
And if a palyer has an injured sign but isn't forced off, he won't always be injured after the match.

24-01-2009, 16:34
I've rarely had them injured after even with a green cross. Just click their name to see what potential injury they're carrying.