View Full Version : Training Prob For Real Madrid (Bad Arrows)

24-01-2009, 15:21
Okay so I've started a season with Real Madrid. Have just played 5 pre-season friendlies and myplayers training ratings are shocking. What I've done is 3 diff. training schedules: Defence,Midfield and Attack. Each relevant third of the team is in the appropriate training category. All the slider bars are above the lowest point they are in the GENERAL training section. So why, oh, why, when i look at their training attributes all the arrows are either pointing sideways or downwards. And I mean all of them?

I've tried sticking them in General for a few days and also in a specially created INTENSE schedule (Highest poss aerobic and strength training), but all the arrows point sideways and down. What am I doing wrong? How do i adjust this to get the most out of them or how do i find a better coach if thats the problem.

24-01-2009, 15:34
Well I was going to point you in the direction of the TTF forum but I see you have found it already:thup:

Loads of threads in there Im sure will give you the answers you need

24-01-2009, 17:54
Yeah i thought i might get help there but nothing doing- any suggestions?