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24-01-2009, 15:12
Hey guys

Ok well I bought the game on release day and have only really got to play it for a few hours due to being pretty busy the last few months. I do however have a bit of time on my hands lately and I really wanted to get into a long term game. God I remember when I used to play the old Championship Managers till all hours, taking teams from the low leagues up to top.

Anyway I have both patches installed and have been reading these forums before starting a new long term game. The thing that troubles me the most are some of the bugs still evident in 9.0.2. Namely staff going missing, players playing on until they are 60+, young players retiring at the age of 22 etc, and other bugs I've read about. To me, bugs like these spoil the reality of the game and kinda stop me from wanting to put the effort in that a long term game requires.

My question is this really, do you guys all experience these sorts of bugs and do they kill the game for you in anyway? I'm tempted to wait until 9.0.3 before starting a career. Maybe I should just start a game and get the hang of the new features and then start again when 9.0.3 comes out?

well that's all for now, have a great weekend everyone


24-01-2009, 15:18
I got to be honest that the bugs haven't really made any huge impacts on the games I play. I tend to play long term games. If Man City want to buy all the worlds best then flog them cheap - no complaints here. If Barcelona want to release Bojan? Sure i'll have him. I don't think I have come across a major bug yet that has hindered my game play.

Imo, I would start a game and see for yourself mate, its all well someone saying this is gonna happen or thats gonna happen, but ultimately the only person that can decide is you :) :)

24-01-2009, 18:05
I am waiting for 9.3.0 to start a long career. To be honest the bug that really puts me off the most is the 'bojan bug', that really makes it too easy to sign young players on a bosman who are amazing. Also, these players would never get released by their real clubs in real life. Also another annoyance is something I have seen here around the forums - that AI teams buy good players and just leave them in the reserves for no reason/ very rarely play them. Obviously, for both of these it doesn't happen all the time, but if that could be tweaked along with some other stuff I would be very happy.

24-01-2009, 19:41
yeh I think I will wait until 9.0.3 for the big un but for now I'll have a play about and see what I can find out about the game, apart from the what I've read lol