View Full Version : Finding Good Regens

24-01-2009, 13:26
Has anyone got any good advice on how to find top class regens?

24-01-2009, 13:31
In mid-July, go to Player Search. Filter Age at most 16 and maybe filter out unrealistic targets. You'd also be suprised at the quality of fress so maybe also do Value at most 0. Then view attacking attributes and sort by finishing, then passing, then tackling (and view defensive attributes) and basically look for players with a good number of attributes in double figures as you go down the list

24-01-2009, 13:36
Check advice from your assistant manager in your team report and check transfer rumours.

24-01-2009, 13:38
get your scouts to search for players 18 and under.

24-01-2009, 13:41
get your scouts to search for players 18 and under.

This is definitely the way to go :)

24-01-2009, 13:47
I set my scout to go for 18 and under, and started scouting 6500 players. Im pretty sure it was what slowed FM down, i.e. pressing continue took like 1 minute, then it would be fine, then id do something else and it would take awhile. So im gonna change my ways now :)

24-01-2009, 16:21
use genie scout and tick the regen box in player search abd see there C.A AND P.A

24-01-2009, 16:23
If you're a big club you should raid the U19 squads of other big clubs. You can get future world-class players for around 1m-6m. I have been doing this for 6 seasons now and I have one hell of team.