View Full Version : players and sraff missing on patched game

24-01-2009, 11:18
just wondering if anyone else had come across this problem.ive started a new game with 10 countrys loaded and a medium databse on the 9.0.2 patch and i cant seem to find vincent enyeama and also i cant find the staff member krystof dowhan.just wondering if anyone had this or if there is a reason cheers

24-01-2009, 11:30
maybe its because the combination of the countries you have loaded and the medium database means they are not active, wot leagues do you have loaded?

24-01-2009, 13:37
ive got

but i had another game before this one and i had exactly the same leagues ans setup the only thing diffrent is that i started the other one before the patch and installed the patch when it came out when this one ive started with the 9.0.2 patch

24-01-2009, 13:58
oh lol then it sounds like its either the patch or just bad luck lol, maybe you now need to load large DB to get these people, i also think it is kind of random

24-01-2009, 14:01
Are you sure you haven't changed a 'load all players from' for some country? Have you changed the database size without realising it? To be honest I am sure Enyeama is well known enough to be in a medium database, so have you accidentally deleted him or something?

He's on my game with patch 9.2.0, so he is in the database.

Physically search for him in game, i.e. on the search bar. He starts at Hapoel Tel-Aviv. Check your database in the editor as well.

24-01-2009, 16:46
i did search for him and couldnt find him.i have ow started again with the only diffrence being i started the last game in italy and this time i started in england and he is there but i cant find the guy krystof dowhan and i dont know what club he starts at