View Full Version : madrid money

22-01-2009, 15:37
Im Real Madrid and want to no if i spend all my transfer money in the 1st transfer window will the board give me more money in the 2 transfer window. Want to no as i want to sign ronaldo or ribery :thup:

22-01-2009, 15:44
TBH I have no idea as I never managed Real. What I generally do in other teams is save some of my budget so I'm not skint after the 1st window. (It's pot luck I reckon on whether you get extra or not, but you can always ask your board for more money if you need.)

Anyway beeing a team like Real, I honestly cant see how you would struggle for money as you can always raise funds from selling one or two of the hundreds of stars you have that dont make your starting squad. ^^

22-01-2009, 16:15
depends on your balance after all the spending tbh.