View Full Version : product key problem -error 819

19-01-2009, 22:42
product key problems, my game just stopped working and said my trial has expired or some rubbish, uninstalled it then reinstalled it.... error 819 ?? can anybody help me

Andy H
19-01-2009, 23:10

Take a look in that thread to see if your error code is in there and what to do about it.

30-01-2009, 14:39
it says nothing about error 819, it says my trial period has expired ?? wat trial period ? this is ridiculous, i have only had the game for just over a month, cant nebody help me ?

17-06-2009, 13:33
Hi, I have the same problem as madz, my Football Manager started acting up with this trial period thing so I reinstalled it and the same thing is happening. can anybody help me?