View Full Version : Speed Difference Between Viewed and Playable Lgs

31-12-2008, 14:53
I have just started a new game ,, ny PC always seems to have a low recommendation on the lg setup ,,howeverer its never been much of a problem running the game before. This time I have 2x playable countries scot/eng and the rest arg/braz/holl/ger/france and spain are view only. Thing is I notice that you dont get all the players in view only. Now i thought it might miss some lesser known youngsters ,,as i had noticed that rever and magraeo where missing from Gremio,,,but when I checked a big club like Bayern i noticed Christian Lell wasnt even there,, like wise in Holland most of the AZ team are also unavailable. If I Make all these lgs playable im presuming they would all be there ,,,but just how much slower would that male the game time and playability ????