View Full Version : Patches Won't download on Steam, Urgent Help!?

28-12-2008, 13:18
I have Fm, and not having the patch makes it unbearable to play in my opinion as it's so buggy the 1st edition.

I installed football manager on steam, and i have it set on Update automatically...and yet it's not updating!?

can i update it manually or anything please?

28-12-2008, 13:20
You can check which version you have in game status, just to make sure. Also, make sure you're running FM through Steam, i.e. you're not loading the fm.exe directly.

28-12-2008, 13:53
Yep as 4457 says, launch FM through Steam and it will update. Therefeafter you need not run through Steam (until you want another update).

I think you can also set Steam to not download updates for your game automatically, then put it back on automatic which can kick it into life (and download your patch).