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27-12-2008, 23:54
I really like this year's game and even though the new tactic setup was difficult at first, I am getting used to it. But the one problem I have is I wish there is a way to set your tactics to when you're attacking and another when you're defending and have different instructions for both. So for example when I attack I want both centre midfielders to go forward, but when I defend I want them both to come back to more of a defensive midfield position and have one of my two strikers to come back a bit. Is this possible to do this in the current set up or do you think it would be a good addition to have in future games?

27-12-2008, 23:56
Good idea, what your describing sounds like this years tactical setup + a teak to the old F/B/Sarrows.

28-12-2008, 00:40
You can go into your tactic screen and set up your attacking tactic, then save it under a name, ie "Team name" attacking, then set up your defending tactic and call it something diffirent. You can do this for as many diffirent tactics as you like then switch between them mid game.

28-12-2008, 00:43
That's not what he meant. He wants his players to do it themselves.

28-12-2008, 00:44
Oh i see, sorry should have realised...been on a marathon FM session and getting tired.:o

28-12-2008, 01:56
Plz, no more sliders to tweak, I have enough