View Full Version : "sees no benefit"

26-12-2008, 20:08
I bet numerous leagues have some kind of rule about how many foreigners can be in starting XI but after they have lived the necessary days in the country message "sees no benefit" pops up in the personal menu if they have atleast 1 senior cap for their birth country, this really makes no sense, I remember Ronny picking up Spanish nationality in his Barca days to help them out or maybe my players just don't want Ukrainian natonality because it isn't EU nation, but still they should help the club out because I can only wield 5 foreigners in my 1st XI, I can actually manage but makes rest of the game really uninteresting because all the clubs splash out ourageous sums on average Ukrainian players

26-12-2008, 21:47
i agree, if they're going to make "sees no benefit" that common, you should be able to ask them in player interaction