View Full Version : Game is good - but it's often a guessing game with the match engine...

23-12-2008, 09:08
I'll keep this short. I'm enjoying the game but the match engine to me for one simple reason - it doesn't reflect things how they should be and for several reasons. Pretty sure that reason made little sense so I'll clear up.

When my team is playing well, morale is up I will outplay most teams in my league, I will have more shots and I will win.

When I get a few morale issues (usually players that want to leave to bigger clubs) my team plays well, I outplay most teams, I have more shots. In fact watching the match engine is EXACTLY the same as when I'm winning except that their keeper seems to save everything or my strikers miss things so the results do not go my way.

In fact if my team form is to suffer, the match engine does not show it to me in any way. It's always the same domination and chances but without the goals.

Anyone else agree with this? And if so, how can I know what to change when things are not working out? My players have the same ratings (except strikers as they are not scoring) so I don't know who I should not be playing or what to change tactically...Basically, I just have to do some trial an error until I do something that gets me back on the path to winning again.

23-12-2008, 09:15
Is it your strikers who want to leave?

23-12-2008, 09:17
Nope - Not one of them - 2 defenders and a mid...

Last season, best D and best attack....This season, still the best D but not scoring as much when players want to leave.