View Full Version : Game not responding

23-12-2008, 02:09
Every so often my game seems to freeze and on the title bar at the top of the screen it says game not responding. Previous threads have stated this problem in specific areas only i.e. when they click submit team before a game. However it happens to me at random times and sometimes can last upto 2 minutes before my game starts again. Anyone know a solution for this?:(


23-12-2008, 02:40
Patch? :redface:
I had the same problem a while ago. Not sure if the patch solved it or if something else did. But after installing the patch I haven't seen it again.

23-12-2008, 03:14
I have the up to date patch. just really frustrates me!!

thanks anyway

Naughty James
23-12-2008, 03:15
happens to me too, just live with it