View Full Version : Couple of issues (not patch related)

22-12-2008, 22:07
Hopefully someone at SI will read this post and look into the two issues I have with the game.

1. When playing as Dundee in my 2nd season I reached the Scottish Cup Final (which was played a week before the SPL season finished?) anyway on the day of the final I was without 4 first team regulars as they were on U21 duty with England, Czech Republic & Lithuania. Surely there isn't an U21 game scheduled on the day of the Scottish Cup Final and if so surely the 4 players would be excused from the squad? I probably would have lost with them in the team anyway thou!!

2. Possibly a bug but the keepers do something odd in my game. Arpund 4 or 5 times last season one goalie punted the ball up the park to the other who then proceeded to do what looked like a diving header and play the ball straight to the striker who then had an open goal?!?! Surely the defending goalie would just pick the ball up, it was almost like said keeper was assuming it was a passback and he couldn't handle the ball.

I know there has been a it of criticism recently (especially regarding the new patch) so in the interests of fairness I must say that other than one or two issues I have picked up on the game is excellent. I'm also loving the new feature to minimise the widgets in TV Mode.