View Full Version : Is the odds system actually based on form?

Les Girondins
22-12-2008, 21:28
Because it seems insane to me that I can be favourites as 3rd from bottom relegation candidates against the league winners by 10 points .. just because I have a 'higher' rep club. Whatever that means - why isn't reputation completely dynamic throughout the season based on form?!

22-12-2008, 21:41
Well it almost is. I've won the UEFA Cup having been expected to reach the group stages, then by the time the FA Cup final rolled around suddenly I'm "expected to win it" whereas I wasn't before.

But FM, and CM, has always been FAR too reliant upon reputation that takes too long to go up and too long to go down.

So unfortunately you're just stuck with it. Until hopefully SI sort it out (heh) for another version.