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22-12-2008, 16:45
I'm now in December In my second season with Chelsea, and for some bloody reason all my players condition is around 85 at the start of the game. Which results in several injuries during the game and players finishing with 70% at full time while the opposition are around 85% WTF!. I have lodged down the workload in training hugely to the point where they are hardly doing anything. I rotate as much as I can yet nothing, SI it seems you have blatantly messed up with this as last year this was never an issue. RAGE!!!

22-12-2008, 16:46
There's an issue with condition?! :confused:

22-12-2008, 16:53
no, it's common knowledge that in real football, teams have a lower condition due to the larger amount of fixtures they have to play duirng december/january.

Try integrating some reserve or under 18's if you playing lower table opposition, thats how i counter that problem

22-12-2008, 16:58
Thanks for the advice will do

22-12-2008, 16:59
glad I could help :)