View Full Version : Am I inevitably going to lose players do to their wage demands?

22-12-2008, 14:32
Basically I've often found that when I take over a club as Manager, a player might have a wage which is OVER the maximum wage that the club will allow.
However when I look to renew the players contract, he wants the same amount per week, but the board will only allow me to pay him an amount less than that.

My main example is Ibrahimovic, who when I became manager of Inter, was earning $210,000 per week.
However, now that it comes to renewing his contract, the board will only allow me to pay him $175,000 per week.

Am I inevitably going to lose him from my team because the board wont meet his wage demands?
I'm nowhere near going over my team wage balance per week, (it's at $2.4million per week and I'm at $1.6million)

It seems redundant and contradictory because they are apparently fine to pay him $210,000 per week for 5 yrs, and despite the clubs strengthening financial position, they'll only pay him less than that in the latest contract.

I lost 2 of my best players and my assistant manager like this in FM08 and I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen in this version too.

Can anyone help me out?

Glenn Wakeford
22-12-2008, 14:37
You can move funds from your transfer budget to your wage budget to accomodate these players. You can do so by going to the Board Room and selecting 'Budget Adjustment'.

22-12-2008, 15:02
I've upped my total wage budget to $2.8million per week and I'm spending only $1.7million per week and it has allowed me to offer him a wage increase from maximum $175,000 per week to $195,000 per week which still falls short of the $210,000 per week he's asking ><