View Full Version : Too many fouls in matches?

The Gaffovski
22-12-2008, 02:47
9.2.0 patched

Getting over 30 on average per match. Thing is, it's probably a decent reflection of real life but in real life matches they usually get up and take the foul quickly in MOST cases. In FM, it takes longer and breaks up the play a lot more.

The ball has to "magically" drift towards the spot where the foul was committed, stop half-way there while the players all stand around, until one of them eventually decides to be the ball-boy and goes to fetch it. Takes too long. And that's not including the times where the referee calls a player over to him across half the pitch.

If the amount of fouls is going to be remain "realistic", then the free-kicks should be got on with quicker in most cases too?

22-12-2008, 02:49
I agree. This was suppose to be looked at in the 0.2 patch. No idea why it was not toned down. No way in RL teams have 20+ fouls.