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21-12-2008, 23:19
ive love to see you be able to be a player manager. does anybody agree.

21-12-2008, 23:22


Dreaded Walrus
21-12-2008, 23:30
It really, really wouldn't work. The way FM matches are calculated just wouldn't be compatible with being able to control a player. They're all worked out in advance (and then re-calculated when any changes are made by either side). This is how the game makes every second last an actual, real-life second, and lets you watch as much or as little of that full 90 minutes as you want. Games where you play as a character can't calculate results in advance, simply because you have influence over the proceedings at all times. Hence why these matches tend to use a "sped-up" clock. But in doing so they make the gameplay less realistic. For example Fifa, where it's very easy to score 5+ goals in a "90 minute" match that actually lasts 10 real-life minutes.

In summary, FIFA Manager already allows you to be a player-manager. Perhaps you might like to give that a go? :)

(Edit: That's not an insult or anything. I'm genuinely suggesting you might find the player-manager mode in FIFA Manager interesting)

21-12-2008, 23:42
no i dont mean you control the player but you can substitute yourself on.

Dreaded Walrus
21-12-2008, 23:44
no i dont mean you control the player but you can substitute yourself on.

Oh! In that case then, use the database editor to create a player that you think is similar to your stats, CA, PA and so on, and put him in your side, and then start the game! :)