View Full Version : What triggers a press conference?

Daniel Foster
21-12-2008, 22:31
New job, pre match and post match I have had so far.

What else does, or have you had, that causes a press conference?

Thanks :)

21-12-2008, 23:30
tranfer spec i think

Suzie MUFC
21-12-2008, 23:31
Probably high reputation opposing teams and rival teams too.

21-12-2008, 23:43
the conference are stupid because id say i doubt the opponents will win and then it says you doubt your team is able to cope which ares are you mostly likely to strenghten

21-12-2008, 23:49
What I've noticed today for the first time, must be the new patch, is that journalists ACTUALLY twist your words. Very nice touch, I really like it. The description of the journalist was: Old and not to be trusted.

When I was asked by that very same journalist how my relationship with Moyes was, I said: That's none of your business.

The article said: Schotsmannetje is unsure about Moyes.

22-12-2008, 12:04
^ For reasons like these, I actually get nervous for some questions, especially if the journalist is not your average Joe.