View Full Version : Not sure how to describe this

21-12-2008, 20:09
ok can some one watch the highlight about 90:23 please and tell me what the hell my right back is doing?


22-12-2008, 13:54
ok anyone watched it and can explain this?

Celozzi runs towards the ball thinks nah turns runs back to is original postion before realising he should really have gone after the ball and then runs towards it again

22-12-2008, 14:12
Havent watched your match but one of my defenders did something extremely similar to what you described :)

22-12-2008, 14:14
I see this happen quite often, it's just one of the things I find extremely frustrating about 09.

Andrej 505
22-12-2008, 14:22
9.2.0 patch probably?