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21-12-2008, 18:09
I stumbled across what seems an unbelievable exploit - maybe it is legit, but it's awful/brilliant [delete according to inclination].

I got myself a Brazilian feeder club with a clause that says 'players may move freely between [feeder] and [parent]. I took that to refer to loans, option to buy etc.

It turns out that you can just cherry-pick their best players for free, on full contracts. Just like that.

I realised this when I took 3 on loan, for which I (unnecessarily, in retrospect) paid a 40K fee for the right to buy at the sale price at the end (sale prices ranging from 4M to 10M).

Man Citeh inevitably showed up with a desire to buy the striker for 20M; I had a right to match the bid, but there was no way I could. I went to the transfer screen to see if I could offer some clauses, player swaps or anything, and there was the line telling me I could have him for free :eek: So I did.

I then went to the other loanees' screens and nabbed them on frees when the next transfer window opens, and then back to the feeder to pick off 3 more for free just to resell later on.

Okay, I will confess that I used an editor to get the feeder club with that deal, and I'd loaded the 'retain all players in Brazil' which dumps about 80 players in the first team squad!

Maybe some of you can check whether, without 'cheating' at all, you can get a feeder club with that option and just take every player you want for free.

21-12-2008, 18:10
What happens when the agreemnets comes to an end though?

21-12-2008, 18:12
[QUOTE=phnompenhandy;2340972]Okay, I will confess that I used an editor to get the feeder club with that deal/QUOTE]

You sir/madam, are a nugget.

And so are I for not being able to edit the quote properly, but who cares?

21-12-2008, 18:20
Not quite a bug, is it, if you use a saved-game editor to get it?

21-12-2008, 18:22
I always thought that's what "players may move freely between [feeder] and [parent]" meant, literally. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

21-12-2008, 18:23
You wont get that option from requesting a feeder club. Its mainly used for B teams like in Spain, where they are in a different league but affiliated through a B team. What you've done is cheated, pure and simple.

21-12-2008, 18:24
benfica had a brazilian team as a feeder club in FM 08 with that same clause but the players there were average at best..

21-12-2008, 18:29
HuwFlet - the free transfers are permanent.

Arkim - turns out you're right!

4457 - I didn't say 'bug', I said 'exploit'. I'm asking whether gamers who DON'T use an editor can get a feeder on these terms, and if they can, can they strip the feeder club bare off all their viable talent - to use or sell on? If so, it seems a huge and unfair advantage - i.e. 'exploit'. I'm sure it never happens in real life unless the feeder is an amatuer outfit.

Giarc Ronyag
21-12-2008, 18:40
Who was your feeder team they sound prity good..

21-12-2008, 18:49
Like I said, I retained al Brazilians, but don't have Brazil loaded as a league. So loads of players are dumped in the first teams of the top sides (maybe all, I didn't check) without playing. Cruzeiros and Palmeiras have about 80-90, many of whom a re proper good.

21-12-2008, 18:52
Its a cheat, pure and simple. You might as well just transfer Barcelonas first team to yours while your at it, that would be as realistic.

21-12-2008, 18:58
feyenoord had this on 08 with excelsior but none of excelsiors players were worth getting, shakhtar used to have one also. dont know if they still do on 08

21-12-2008, 19:01
It's not an exploit because you'll never get such a good club to agree to a deal like this in regular gameplay. You'll only get deals like this with clubs from small African countries for example, where you'll be lucky to get a good player a season from it. When done correctly it nicely evens out with the amount of annual money you have to pay to your affiliate.

It's a cheat, the way you've done it.

21-12-2008, 19:03
Its a cheat, sorry.

21-12-2008, 19:15
Actually, I've had that option come out once when I was managing a team in Mexico or Brazil (don't remember). I had to pay about $200k to a Honduran team for those benefits. Too bad there was only one non-greyed player...

21-12-2008, 19:17
Ackter is correct.

I've had this deal in the past and it's only been with Thai clubs, African clubs, really obscure South American clubs.. ones that probably don't even have any players.

21-12-2008, 19:33
The only way it would be done in-game fairly would be if two clubs had the same chairman, surely then it would be fair to facilitate such movements between clubs freely, obviously there is few, if any, examples of say a premiership chairman owning a brazilian club as well.

21-12-2008, 23:14
Shakthar have the link with Shakthar 3 on 09, as I am Shakhtar manager, as someone asked earlier.

21-12-2008, 23:58
Okay cheers fellas - if it is an outright cheat then I'm relieved. "It's my game bblah blah", but I wouldn't like to see it happening in a 'proper' game.

Time to move on ... !

dave byrd
22-12-2008, 00:17
Yeah lets all move on from this.