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21-12-2008, 00:06
i'm having issues installing the game on my macbook air. i converted it as an image file to install it on my macbook air so i can play while on christmas holidays.
The installation seems to work quite fine however it just doesn't launch the game after it's done. it keeps quitting. i did save also my tactics and trainings so i can easily continue but i can't get the get to even launch after it says installation was successful.
One problem i noticed though is the Sports interactive folder from my documents it has the game folder there but the football manager folder in there is empty. i know that's where i'm supposed to put my training schedules, saved game and tactics but i believe it's supposed to have more components.

after installing it the game created 2 sports interactive folders one under applications and the other under my documents. the one under my documents is the one that has the football manager folder that is empty.
the one under applications has a shortcut to the game but would not launch.
Please help me fix my game i really want to play.

21-12-2008, 00:08
I don't think you can play it without the disk.

21-12-2008, 00:20
i created an image file of it. If the disc was the problem it would have loaded then still ask me for the disc itself. I even tried downloading the demo and loading my game through it to see but i realized the demo doesn't even work.
it has to be an installation problem because even the demo which wouldn't need the CD wouldn't let me start a game.
Because had it allowed me to start a new game then i could assume it's my CD image that is not working but even if i used the demo and install it won't let me start a game.
I believe i'm missing some parts in the football manager folder under my documents. because i have nothing there but i believe it's supposed to have different components there.
Only if someone could tell me some components that should be there maybe i can find a work around.
I know from playing it at home that it shouldn't be empty but i can double check it from anywhere because i'm away now.
Help me please