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dan the arsenal fan
17-12-2008, 18:16
Both games have thier critics and thier own problems but which do you prefer?
Why and which features of the games do you like the most?

17-12-2008, 18:51
i like 08 better i think

but thats not to say that 09 is a step back because i think the 3d pitch is good and like the inroduction of the press conference etc...

i guess im just finding it harder!

my successfull tactics of the previous games are failing me! but i guess thats the challenge and up to me to sort out!!

so enough time on these forums and back to keeping bradford in League 1!!

17-12-2008, 18:52
both. 08 was great. 09 is even greater.

17-12-2008, 19:49
08 was a good game made great with the patches.
09 is a very good game..........hopefully made excellent with the patches.

17-12-2008, 20:28
But doesn't the newgen problem in 08 spoil the long term game? I haven't gone past 5 seasons, but I still find it strange that SI didn't release a patch to fix a quite big factor in the game. Of course they had to move on, but apparently it wasn't a big problem. I still think of 08 of a game which is good, but because of the awful tests and stories about the newgens is a game without any long term potential. Maybe it is not as bad as it looked like reading those messages here though.

One thing for sure, 09 is a different story when it comes to newgen quality.

dan the arsenal fan
17-12-2008, 20:47
i personally think 2008 was better. the newgen point is definitely valid but i feel the 3d match is pointless and doesnt offer that much. i do like the press conferences and the assistant feedback during the games in 09.
which game in your opinion is quicker? e.g to complete a season?

17-12-2008, 21:05
09 beats a fully patched 08 imo, that is if you can avoid the leagues with game stopping bugs like the serie C, but otherwise the enjoyment level is higher for me.
Maybe it's because 09 is still new and harder to master that I do like it more then 08.

17-12-2008, 21:08
I prefer FM 09 beacuse even though the 3D is still only a work in progress it is still gives me much more use then the 2D. Also I like the press conferences.

17-12-2008, 21:10
which game in your opinion is quicker? e.g to complete a season?

08 because it doesn't require such a good computer as 09 does.

17-12-2008, 21:11
09 is deffo better. Didn't really get that much enjoyment out of 08. Maybe 09 will reach the heady heights of 07 once it is fully patched.

dan the arsenal fan
17-12-2008, 21:14
how does it help you more? i dont see it

17-12-2008, 21:18
09 by far, it's like 07 but better.

17-12-2008, 23:00
I like fm 09..slighty better than 08 but has its errors...LOTS of them!

17-12-2008, 23:01
I prefer FM09 by a million miles. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I do feel it's the better game. Just waiting for the patch to make it into what it truly could be.

17-12-2008, 23:04
I didn't buy 08 because I didn't feel it was enough of a step forward from 07 and even 06. 09 isn't perfect (or finished), but it has definately taken a couple of steps in the right direction with all of its new features, so I'll go for FM2009.

17-12-2008, 23:38
fm08 FTW ~!!~!~~!~!!~~!

17-12-2008, 23:43
Both games have thier critics and thier own problems but which do you prefer?
Why and which features of the games do you like the most?

08 was excellent but I feel 09 is the superior game, one thing I will admit is that 08 had a sense of never ending whereas I get the feeling with 09 for some reason that I could lose interest a lot quicker. You may ask if that is the case then how is 08 the weaker of the 2 well in my opinion 08 was not a huge leap over 07 (another excellent game) and honestly apart from the match engine and a few extra bits and pieces (press conference and ass man talks) 09 wasnt a huge leap from 08 but each time a new game is released there is always more depth added making the game better and it will continue to do so until SI go overboard and put some options in the game that totally destroy the feeling of being just a football manager like Fifa Manager which concentrates on more of the personal sides of a football manager, who really cares if a manager has 4 wives and 32 children, as long as he can take the team to glory. My point is, although 08 was great and the overall feel of the game may be better, the added options in 09 add to the realism and fun of the game therefore it cannot be bettered, until FM10 of course. Lets hope SI dont get too carried away.

18-12-2008, 00:43
FM06. much better. FM07 wasnt too bad. if you want an enjoyable game rather than this load of crap then id go for CM 001/02 or CM 02/03. they were fun and challenging. this is neither.

18-12-2008, 03:00
Fm08 was a great game but far too easy.
Fm09 with future patches will probably be the best by far. Atm though its only a fairly good game not a great

18-12-2008, 05:22
FM08 was better

just for the fact that,FM09 runs slower

18-12-2008, 08:56
I really enjoyed FM2008 after picking it up in September and quickly racked up 8 seasons in the Blue Square North/South. FM2009 I didn't enjoy when I first started playing it, but after starting again and learning how to play it properly I'm really enjoying it, all be still only half way through my first season. This also may have something to do with being top of the league at mo. For me:

FM2008 - 3.99 bottle of red wine, enjoyable but drunk quickly.
FM2009 - A Fine Claret, something to be drunk slowly and savoured.