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10-12-2008, 14:57
Do you start with at the beginning of your game, as I'm unsure who to pick. I want to change jobs quite a lot to keep the game entertaining but which leagues are the most competitive.


10-12-2008, 15:18
if you can run alot run a good few. i usually do the top 2 tiers in italy, england and spain, then run holland, france, portugal, scotland, ireland and brazil

the toon
10-12-2008, 15:21
Depends on you're computer and how many leagues you're willing to take, and how many the computer can handle somewhat quickly.

to give you some ideas, i'm just going to start a new game, and i know i will like to have a large play-world experience, i'd like to get the results from all the continental club-competitions. Also, when you choose these leagues you have to pick the ones where you can see yourself managing one day...
so i think i'll go with something like this:

Europe: All leagues from england
Denmark (to get scandinavia) - 2 leagues
Russia, maby ukraine (to get eastern europe) - 1-2 leagues
Italy, spain, holland, france, greece, scotland - 2 leagues (greece only 1)

Africa: south africa, 1 or 2 leagues. realistically, can see myself only managing kaizer chiefs or orlando pirates.

The americas: mexico, maby the usa, argentina, brazil, maby also:chile/uruguay

Asia: Australia, south korea, china. Maby a fourth one also, need to check if there's a league from the middle east (like the u.a.e).

I'll start with a 1st or 2nd coca cola league club in england, and try to make my way up from there. No doubt will go abroad sooner rather then later, propably before i even reach premiership football (if i could even get that far that is :D )

10-12-2008, 15:25
I like a lot of choice so I can start at the bottom and work my way up

Usually go with -
Argentina - 1 div
Brazil - 1 div
Holland - eredivise
Portugal - Top div
Scotland - SPL
France - Ligue 1 & 2
Italy - Serie A & B
Spain - La Liga & BBVA Liga
Germany - Bundesliga 1 & 2
England - Down to Conf National

Plenty of choice then

10-12-2008, 15:29
I like to load a lot of leagues, although rather than go for a worldwide spread I'm only bothered about European and Latin American leagues. Maybe if some of the better African countries (North and West) had leagues I'd probably load some of them too, if only to get more realistically better regens popping up in those places.

I personally do... (off the top of my head!) England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, Scotland, Wales, both Irelands, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. May have missed one or two smaller European countries out!

In any league I load, I always load it as deep as the game allows, so Conference North/South, Serie C2, etc.

One thing I've personally never really understood is why so many people include the MLS...it has silly rules like a salary cap, with exceptions to said salary cap which are able to be "traded", regional divisions in their top (and only!) tier, franchising with no promotion/relegation, and the fact they call it "soccer" just to top it off. Then again maybe some people like the challenge :)

10-12-2008, 15:41
Do you start with at the beginning of your game, as I'm unsure who to pick. I want to change jobs quite a lot to keep the game entertaining but which leagues are the most competitive.

*List*For me, it is really easy.

I do a search on google to find these two lists:
1. UEFA Country Ranking for current year http://www.xs4all.nl/~kassiesa/bert/uefa/data/method3/crank2009.html
2. FIFA Rankings http://www.fifa.com/worldfootball/ranking/lastranking/gender=m/fullranking.html

So I set the number of leagues for countries listed on positions as follows:
1-5 set all leagues playable
6-10 set two major leagues playable
11-15 set only major league playable

+ All players from Slovakia.

If some country is in both lists in different cathegories, the higher cathegory counts for me. And for game detail, I have all these leagues set on maximum detail.

That serves best for me, because UEFA rankings are counted from CLUB coefficients gained in Europe competitions based on their results for the last five years. FIFA ranking serves as "national" quality coefficient.

I hope it will help you.