View Full Version : Minimum Netbook Specs?

30-11-2008, 20:00
I currently play Fm 09 on my Laptop but due to working away sometimes I want to take FM09 with me.
I don't want to take my full size laptop with me and a work full size laptop so i am considering buying a small Netbook device to play FM 09 on.

I have seen some people have it working and other have had issues.....does anyone have a definitive spec for Netbook to run FM09 with regard to Ram, CPU, Screen Resolution & Graphics Chips etc???


30-11-2008, 20:34
I bought new laptop last year, and bought for Memory and Processor speed and thats it, didnt bother with expensive brand of graphics. 2MB of RAM, 2GHz processor you could even go for 14" screen, hope this helps.