View Full Version : GK conceding lots of goals yet getting MoM

29-11-2008, 22:23
what do you think about those games when you win 3-0 or 4-0, and the goalkeeper's opposition gets MoM? i know it can happen also on real life, but i do not think it happens quite so much as on fm. right now i've won chelsea 4-0. Cech got an 8, and was not MoM cause AgŁero scored the 4-0 on 95', and that made Cech go down from 9 to 8, and AgŁero go up from 8 to 9.

But if it hadnt been for that late goal, Cech would have won MoM while conceading 3 goals on Champions League Semifinals. Since this happens to me a lot, even when winning 5-0 to same league teams, i wonder if this also happens to more managers or its only me.

29-11-2008, 22:57
I don't think it happens that often, but how many shots did you get on target?

He probably made a lot of great saves, and it would've been 20-0 without he playing so well

29-11-2008, 23:17
i had 12 shots on target, and of those, 4 were goals. that means 8 saves.

anyway, when a team is on the creates ocasions to win 10-0 but only wins 3-0, i think that somebody has got to play really well, whether it be midfielders, or wingers. but they rarely get a score above 8, while the opponent goalkeeper gets a 9. i do not think that is realistic