View Full Version : Link to location of last patch for FM2008.

25-11-2008, 17:29
Hi guys, my son needs the last patch for FM2008 but I'm not at home and I can't find it.

Can anyone link me to it please so that he can log on and download it.

Cheers in advance:thup:.

25-11-2008, 17:30
Google found this: http://www.gameborder.com/game/Football%20Manager%202008%20Patch/

25-11-2008, 17:35
Cheers for that Jez:thup:.

The only thing is that I can't remember if there was an 8.03.

There was a patch within 1 week of release, (8.01 I'm assuming).

Then there was a Beta released.

Then there was a proper patch released.

If the beta was 8.02 then maybe the last one was 8.03:confused:.

25-11-2008, 17:35
There wasn't, I don't think.

25-11-2008, 17:40
8.02 is the final 2008 patch I'm aware of