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20-11-2008, 18:56
I would just like to raise my disgust at sports interactive! if i knew how to send this to the Collyer bothers personally i would do but seeing as they seem to make things so god damn hard i will just moan on here!

since first playing the game on the commodore amiga in the early 90's i have loved playing the game and enjoy my experiences and social banter it brings.

However, never in my life have i experienced so many problems with f-man 09.......

what an absolute joke. 10 hours to finally get the damn thing to work, what the f### is stram??? why do we need it?? what happened to just putting the disk in an installing like every other game in the universe. i dont want to be online to play all the time. what if im on a train and i want to play? cant because i have no internet! there is probably a way to play without the internet but once again i havnt a f###ing clue how to do this! after 10 hours im not prepared to risk losing the installment! i have never experienced the game crash so many times in my life and my whole excitement about the new game coming out is all but gone. the game is the slowest thing in the world, i played 3 fames i 2 hours last night and my conmputewr is new and pretty fast.

i know lots of people who feel the same as i do and are disgusted with this new installment of the game.

sports interactive, do us a favour, stop making it so f###ing stupid, go back to basics and let the greatest computer game in the world be accessible to everyone and not just to the computer geniuses who know how download every software available to gwet the game to work.

very diasppointing!

20-11-2008, 18:57
sorry for the spelling mistakes! i was on a roll

20-11-2008, 18:57
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