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20-11-2008, 18:55
why cant SI release a smaller patch whilst they are creating the 9.2.0 patch just to cover some of the more important bugs in the game

the worst bug from me is the injury one. at the monent in half way through the 1st season with
Bradford with 10 of my first team sqad injured. 6 of them are out for 8 months with damaged cruciate ligaments. whist my training is set to medium

20-11-2008, 19:10
If you have the patch installed and are still having lots of injuries then try adjusting your training intensity and make sure players have a sufficient rest between games even if it means rotating Rafa style!

20-11-2008, 19:12
try to make training less intensive!
I play many different games with different teams and don`t have injury problems

20-11-2008, 19:13
is not as simple as putting out a smaller patch.

once a patch is completed it then has to be tested and more then likely fixed again before more testing. This continues until they feel it is good enough to release to us

Super Bladesman
20-11-2008, 19:14
If you've got that many serious injuries, I hope you've logged it on the bugs forum and uploaded the saved game file to the SI ftp site.

20-11-2008, 20:26
oh now the the game has crashed