View Full Version : Anyone else losing like this?

Sussex Hammer
20-11-2008, 18:45
First game of the season West Ham at home to Liverpool.

12 shots to Liverpool's 5
Both with 3 on target.
9 blocked shots to their 1.
10 corners to their 2.

I play some great stuff and the extended highlights it's West Ham all the way but :

I lose 2-0 with Mascherano scoring from practically the half way line and a corner which bounces twice in my penalty area before it hits Torres in the chest and goes in!!

I hit the bar twice but every cross and corner gets headed away by a grey shirt. Is this the sign of things to come???!!!

Please don't say it's your tactics!! or buy players,,, I can't with a mere 1 Million budget!!

I have read all about people that can't score and too many long shots and it's true!!!

And how do you set up your players defending and attacking corners, any ideas??