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20-11-2008, 17:36
So it's been said before but the optimization on this latest fm is nothing short of awful i am running a compaq presario laptop with a turion x2 1.9ghz cpu 2gb of ram and an nvidia 7150m gpu, now before you all start i know this is not intended as a gaming machine i have built pc's for 10 years and know that if i want to play games like crysis etc i i need a powerful desktop gpu but the fact of the matter is i can game on this laptop including recently left for dead, hl2, cs source and even and i kid you not call of duty 4 fair enough there is no aa or af and resolution is set at 800x600 but the point is all of those games run at a playable frame rate and all look a damn site better than fm on a surprisingly good mobile gpu that is the 7150m and that is a fact.

Fm 09 looks like a piece of **** tbh and the virua striker games were never the prettiest but i dont mind that, i just want a playable frame rate on a game that a pc of my spec should breeze through i know laptop gpu's are not officially supported but this is no excuse for such god damn awful frame rates i mean stick men stuttering at 10fps is just not acceptable in a game that was always renowned for great performance on even lowly machines even switching to 2d yield no great performance improvements after the 3d match engine has been initialized i have dropped resolution lowered all detail and tweaked the nvidia drivers specifically for fm09 to run at its most basic.

Just to note i have thouroughly tested the game on both xp and vista and although i have seen improvements since switching to xp and updating my drivers the game remains unplayable in it's intended form please SI sort it out and remember in future if it aint broke dont fix it

20-11-2008, 18:17
The problem is the processing power the game uses in the background. Results etc! How many leagues are you running?

20-11-2008, 18:19
Punctuation can assist both the writer and the reader.

In other news, no that isn't even remotely powerful. 10FPS is utterly and completely unimportant. It's not about playable frame rates because, shock horror, you aren't playing it.

Yes the game is slow and sluggish. But the frame-rate of the 3D engine is the least of the problems.

20-11-2008, 19:08
Sorry about the punctuation. Imo the 3d is the biggest problem and that is why i have made this complaint.

And for the record fps does count and is indeed why i have a bad framerate.