View Full Version : The worst thing just happened...

20-11-2008, 13:52
I accidently turned off the socket with my foot and lost a months play :(

20-11-2008, 13:54
Oh man, I've done that before!


20-11-2008, 13:55
Oh arse burgers!

Luckily on a laptop, you get battery time!

AmA Deo
20-11-2008, 13:56
I hate when that happens... Thats why I always use Auto Save now !

20-11-2008, 13:56
Gotta love laptops!

Äktsjon Männ
20-11-2008, 14:04
Accidents like these teach you to have rolling autosave on at all times I'd say.

I used to have a PC case right by the table that had the power button extended a bit so I often accidentally pushed it with my toe whenever I felt like stretching my legs. After losing about three months of FM play because of this (being top of the league at the time) I went and bought a new case just for that reason. One must always be prepared ;)

20-11-2008, 14:15
Exactly why i have upped the rolling auto save to two weeks. Knowing my luck it would happen to me when i'd just won ten on the trot or something similar.