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20-11-2008, 13:08
mentality shouldn't dictate the position of your player on the field!!!!!! that can be done in positions. mentality should dictate what your player does with or without the ball. a defensive player would sit back and allow the opponent to have the ball. an attacking player would look to get the ball back straight away and attack again. and a defensive player would hold on to the ball and run the time down.

if that is not the case, i say do away with mentality altogether and have passing style, tempo etc. dictate what mentality you have and have this come through the media. there should probably be a lot more sliders but as of yet, i cannot think for what yet.

and if a player is good at a game, reward them! i remember playing fm07 when i was winning for a couple of seasons and some **** team like everton would creep up on me without much change and no matter what i did i could not reverse the change! it seemed no matter what i did, i would forever stay in that 7th place. for me, fm06 was the most enjoyable of the series. i did not buy the original fm.

and wonderkids should look like wonderkids. they should not look like park ji-sung (no offence, park, i think you're a fantastic player). players are starting to look too alike. ronaldo is undoubtedly the best player in the world at the moment and he doesn't look much better than most (i don't have a problem with ronaldo's stats in this edition per se but others should look a lot worse than he does).

final thing, you don't even have to be injury-prone to be injury-prone anymore. nemanja vidic can be as injury-prone as michael owen nowadays! what the f**k is up with that?!

sorry, that wasn't quite the final thing, man utd are way underrated. they always have been. get a new man utd researcher! i'll do it! rafael? avg? did you see that volley against arsenal?! meanwhile arsenal have a team full of wonderkids. (i'm not arguing that arsenal don't have a team full of wonderkids but we shouldn't be THAT far off in comparison)

PS Im a utd fan ;)

20-11-2008, 13:22
If you were Manchester United researcher, I would stop playing FM altogether.

(And I don't even care about United).

What an interesting post.


20-11-2008, 13:29
Haven't got any friends to unload on?

20-11-2008, 13:39
Haven't got any friends to unload on?

:( no...lol