View Full Version : What are the media smoking?

Some Guy!
20-11-2008, 11:41
I'm apparently after Pizzaro... In fact I've apparently told the media that I think his 1.6 mil price tag is too much for me to afford...

Well guess what, I'm after him now!

20-11-2008, 11:48
Sometimes its good when you get linked with a player you didn't think of and then suddenly you think... Actually, that would be a pretty good signing, i'll do that!

20-11-2008, 11:50
whatever it is, it sure is strong..

ive been asked about some russian player that ive never heard week in week out even though i keep telling them that i will definitely not be signing this guy.

Some Guy!
20-11-2008, 12:02
Oh well... It's not as bad as when I was linked with a 16 year old Papuan weekly...

Then, I signed him for joke (FM 2008 by the way)...

5 years later I sold him to Steven Gerrard's Man City for 3.9 million. He didn't play a single match for me in the whole time.