View Full Version : Small Memory query

20-11-2008, 10:25
I hope I can get a reply to this silly little query.

At the moment I am running a P4(or celeron I am not sure) 3.2ghz with Threading.

For memory I have 4 slots that are 2 blue and 2 black which currantly I have 3 256mb sticks and 1 1gb stick.

With this setup I am running a Large DB with full leagues from England, Spain, Italy, Germany and Scotland and no addition countries. This runs ok and is perfectly playable.

Now I will be buying more memory in the near future, most likely another 1gb stick, and have heard that it is best to colour co-ordinate pairings of sticks. Is this true???? would it make a difference if I placed a 1gb stick in a blue and a black slot and a 256mb stick in a blue and black or would I get better performance if both 1gb sticks were in blue and both 256mb were in black?

20-11-2008, 10:26
you get better performance if you pair them in the same slots.