View Full Version : Thanks for the patch SI... but graphics for the Mac

20-11-2008, 10:24
I as well as other mac users have noticed that you cannot select high or medium level detail in the preferences screen, we appreciate the the patch fixing the more urgent core mechanics such as injuries and the right click bug, however the game feels slightly in complete as this year i did get hyped over the 3D match engine. Will your developers be looking at a patch to address this problem of graphics for the 3D engine, as i really want to play high settings... but it is just grayed out.



PS i have a 2008 macbook pro that play call of duty 4, so i assume the power in the card will suffice for playing the game on high...

20-11-2008, 10:34
I honestly cannot see the problem with the 3d graphics on the mac. Mine look fine to me. They are not HD quality,no. However, if you want Pro evo or fifa graphics, you should not be playing this game imo. The 3d just gives me a better idea of whats happening on the pitch, how my tactics are working. Im not bothered about seeing the colour of a players laces!

Im not having a go at you, I just can't see the big deal with having high resolution 3d graphics, the resloution it is now is more than adequate.

20-11-2008, 11:05
to be honest I find there is a massive difference between low quality and high quality... everything is a lot crisper and smoother. But thats on a regular pc.

21-11-2008, 04:15
any word on this? I have a feeling we mac users may be left out in the cold on this one. SI isn't even acknowledging the problem.

21-11-2008, 08:28
apart from being crisp and all that, do you get more detail ? like a crowd ? would appreciate a pc user replying and answering.

21-11-2008, 08:36
It's not that it's unplayable with lowres graphics. And yes, I know we don't play FM for the fancy graphics. The point is that this game has been advertised as fully Mac compatible, and it turns out it isn't. I have a new iMac with a decent graphics card, so I should be able to change the graphics quality.

This has been asked many times before, but so far SI hasn't replied to this issue. Here's hoping they do now.

23-11-2008, 21:51
I didn't realise we mac users only had 'low' graphics, i was too caught up by the fact we had 3d!

Please Mr SI coding man fix it for us though :-)