View Full Version : problems with uninstalling and reinstalling FM 09 using Steam

20-11-2008, 09:38

A couple of days ago i thought i was being smart by dragging the editor of fm 09 to the desktop of my computer, soon i found out that this wasnt exactly a good idea as the app. can not be opened if it is not in its location in the right folder on my harddrive. Next, as I couldnt remember where the editor app. was supposed to go i decided it would be best to uninstall FM 09 from my harddrive.When i try to reinstall now the installation takes a fraction of the time it took the first time, the only things present in C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009 are a folder called Uninstall_Football Manager 2009 and a file called Football_Manager_2009_installog.log. Should this location on my drive not have a lot more content when i have reinstalled the game?
And then most bizare of all, when I launch Steam I can just play the game.

Basically I dont understand why I can still run the game when i have uninstalled the game, also why do I need steam to run the game, i would much rather not use this steam thing. Can anybody please help?

thanks in advance


20-11-2008, 09:49
ha ha reminds me when I first had my pc and I thought I could just randomly manually delete stuff to uninstall them, and oo what are these .dll files, delete ha ha.

if you have the disk you don't have to use steam, it's all there when you install the game, it gives you the option to use or not use steam, I wouldn't have steam on my pc if you paid, it's always been rubbish.

20-11-2008, 10:16
Hasn't it been said over and over that you don't have to use Steam even if you bought the game there? Just find the fm.exe and create a shortcut on the desktop (Don't copy it - just a shortcut)

20-11-2008, 12:39
Give him a break.
The Installed files will be on your hard drive in a folder called Steam, then apps or something then FM09. You just need to find FM.exe from there and create a short cut to your desktop.
Then you will be playing off line.
If you log on to Steam you are actually playing across the web from there server.
The benefit of Steam is teh game is auto patched to 9.1 and should be auto patched in teh future.

30-06-2009, 13:30
Hi there, have a problem, basically i've just un-installed fm09 coz their was an issue with a parsing error that i tried everything to fix. Now i want to re-install but it doesnt even do anything when i put disk in just runs then stops without giving me any install options.

Any help with what to do

thanks in advance.