View Full Version : I'm unable to acquire a Stream Account

20-11-2008, 04:37
I'm unable to acquire a Steam Account to down load Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009. It takes the necessary information then says it can't process the information and to come back later. It's been three days and still I can't activate a Steam Account. When I go to Steam's support screen it asks for the account before it can answer the problem! From the comment I've seen in this forum regrarding Steam I think SI has made a serious mistake using this medium. I'm a lifetime purchaser of SI's soccer program but I'm thinking of not buying it this year. Sometime these developer's in their security concerns out do themselves and lock out the very customer they want to attract. Obviously frustrated. Any suggsetion to resolve this propblem is appreciated. Thanatoast

20-11-2008, 07:19
Steam is just one of the ways to buy the game, it's been around for years and is pretty decent these days ... it's a good way of pushing out game content.

What's the exact error message? Have you googled it?

PS: No one is forced to use steam. It's just another option of getting the game, and/or method of activating your copy.