View Full Version : Senior/Reserve Squad Filter Changed?

19-11-2008, 23:21
In the past while adjusting line-ups if i sent a player to reserves he stayed there until i called him up or i sent him down with the "until match fit" option. With 09 i send down a player and he's still on my senior team. i have to press avaliable for reserves after i press reserve team and he's still there. i press avaliable for reserves again and he finally goes down. i hit continue (next day) and presto he's back again. i press squad and he's still listed as reserve but on the senior roster. makes it very confusing to tell who is actually in the reserves. if i sign a player he is automatically placed on the senior roster (like in the past) but if i want him in the reserves i have to sort through all the reserve traffic on my senior squad to find him.

i hope i made this somewhat clear but those that use line-ups in the manner i have in the past will certainly know what im talking about as this is very confusing.

also in past versions i always had my 5 subs stay in reserves to stay match fit yet they stayed on my 1st teams roster as long as i kept them in the lineup. made it very easy to sort through whos playing where. but this new feature will not be easy to get used to.