View Full Version : Logos in WWSM

19-11-2008, 23:14
Has anyone figured out how to put logos on WWSM? I tried the usual .exe name change and that only worked once and now the game doesn't start unless I change it back.

29-11-2008, 14:13
i just found out how.

1. create a folder in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 and name it graphics.
2. extract logos files into that folder.
3. launch the game, go to options then preferences. Go to display & sounds, untick use skin cache, and tick always reload on skin confirm.

that should work.

29-11-2008, 15:42
Yup what tricolor68 said. I did that a few days ago and everything worked fine.