View Full Version : How can I change pitch size?

19-11-2008, 08:52
Just got promoted with Derby :)

However, I wanted to change my pitch size to the minimum possible to restrict space. But instead of clicking minimum, I accidentally clicked maximum instead. :(

Is there a way I can revert my decision without reloading?

19-11-2008, 08:53
Nope, iirc you will not be able to change it until the new season. So a re-load may be in order.

19-11-2008, 09:14
Hee hee, boy you're gonna get slaughtered week in week out :p

19-11-2008, 09:30
Yup. And my first game of the season is at home to Man Utd :S

Btw, do you think Danny Rose is worth it at 3.8million pounds?

Too lazy to post it in the Good Player thread. :P