View Full Version : Board+Fans Expectations/Confidence Inaccurate?

17-11-2008, 14:46
I have won certain games 3-0 and the fans are moaning about it? And after 3 months being top of the league, manager of the month and not losing any games, the board is only "satisfied" with my performance??

I think in rl, if I was top of the league and unbeaten, the board would be pretty darn pleased.

I used Liverpool and beat Hull 3-0 away and the fans aren't that happy over it, I think in real life, whether or not you actually dominated the opposition, winning 3-0 against an opposing team in the same league makes your fans happy. I'm a Liverpool fan in real life, and I don't care what crappy prem opposition pool beats 3-0, I'd be happy and won't moan or be merely satisfied about it.

The board+fans confidence and expectations are extremely harsh and dont' reflect real life at all which is what fm aims to replicate and simulate.

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18-11-2008, 00:35
Nimbus - you might consider deleting the link to a thread with multiple issues in it. You've made a very good point and this issue thoroughly deserves its own thread if its a problem for long-term play in '09.