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16-11-2008, 18:45
People are saying on this forum that i have to download that thing that is no working(i forgot the name) then i have to move it to some where called system directory which i cannot find on my laptop (vista). so what do i do. i download the error thing then i open it in winrar then i extract it to where..........

( the web i got it from is called http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=55590&highlight=d3dx9_37.dll)

16-11-2008, 18:47
I think it should be a dll file you download and you put it in C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Try that but I am not sure if I am totally right.

16-11-2008, 18:49
Thanks but thats the thing i do not know where C:\WINDOWS\system32 is in my computer. (i got vista)
the thing wat error it is called is d3dx9_37.dll .

16-11-2008, 18:55
Go to Start->Run and type it in and confirm.

It should appear.

Let me know what happens :)

16-11-2008, 19:00
i went on run and searched C:\WINDOWS\system32 and a list of stuff game up which i can click. do i just save it on there. it has stuff like speech on it and manny manny more on system 32 i

16-11-2008, 19:04
Just put the file you have downloaded in there. By the way, have you extracted it first?

16-11-2008, 19:05
Can you tell me step by step instructions of what to do with d3dx9_37.dll after i just downloaded it and it is opened on winrar. what do i do i press extract to then what do i do. thanks

16-11-2008, 19:07
1. Ok close the WinRar.
2. Right click on the file you have downloaded.
3. Choose extract here
4. Cut and paste the extracted file that appears to C:\WINDOWS\system32

Let me know if works then or if you need any more help :)

16-11-2008, 19:11
Let me tell you what happened.
i put fm09 disc in.
then installed it
then i tryed to open it but it said d3dx9_37.dll could not be found
i downloaded d3dx9_37.dll from a website.
when it finished downloading it opened with winrar.
So now i want to know what to do now
Can i please have a step by step instruction pleaes jod123 (thanks a lot) just a little more help here then i can start playing

16-11-2008, 19:21
I will go as detailed as possible. Just close everything down.

1. Then right click on the file you have downloaded and a menu should appear
2. On that menu you should see an option called "Extract here"
3. Left click on that
4. Then you should see a new file appear on the screen
5. That is the file you need to put in the location
6. So go to Start->Run
7. Type in C:\WINDOWS\system32
8. Click confirm
9. A window should appear with loads of files and folders
10. Go back to where you have the file you downloaded
11. Right click on the extracted file and not the downloaded one
12. Choose "Cut" from the menu that appears
13. Go back to the window where all those files and folders were (system32 place)
14. Right click on a blank place in there
15. From the menu that appears choose paste
16. Then close everything

That should work now. Let me know if you have any more problems. :)

16-11-2008, 19:22
Is this right.
Go on winrar extract d3dx9_37.dll to downloads
I go on downloads
cut the file d3dx9_37.dll
and paste it into window.system32

16-11-2008, 19:23
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16-11-2008, 19:23
Yeah, what you said above is what you do.

16-11-2008, 19:25
Emmanuel frimpong.
I am no first team player though.
Hopefully one day though.
I went gladesmore secoundry school

16-11-2008, 19:27
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16-11-2008, 19:29
Really, that is very good. So you are in FM then? :D

And did you get it working now? :)

16-11-2008, 19:31
You are not really Emmanuel Frimpong? ;)

16-11-2008, 19:39
Now i have put it in system thing now what do i do.
When i press fm nothing happens

16-11-2008, 19:44
You may need to reboot.

16-11-2008, 19:46
Reboot and post back if it worked or not.

16-11-2008, 19:53
It would be easier to download and install directX as that dll file is part of the directX engine.

16-11-2008, 19:56
Ok i have rebooted the computer but before i rebooted the computer i took the game out.
When it came back on. i click it a couple of times and it said fm2009 ready in use but it weren't please someone help

16-11-2008, 20:01
Go into task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time.
Then go to the processes tab.
And you should see an fm.exe one.
Right click on that and choose end process.
Confirm and exit
Now try starting FM09.