View Full Version : Is it worth me doing this.......?

15-11-2008, 14:21
Currently I'm experiencing an issue which I've already posted about in the technical forum (and uploaded save game, crash dumps etc to the SI FTP).

The demo worked fine for me, no 3d issues, no issues in fact at all. How ironic that I was so smug about that to then find the full game crashes when in-game, swapping from 3d to 2d classic or tactics. Anyways, its been posted about, so hopefully something in the way of a fix will be forthcoming.

Question I had was, as my machine is pretty much high end and also up to date with drivers etc - is it worth me uninstalling the game and Steam completely. And then reinstalling it from scratch?

I've seen some people complain that when they've attempted to do this, they can no longer run the cd and are thus stuck without the game installed at all.

Anyone who has any advise on this, please do share.