View Full Version : DISASTER, DISASTER..courtesy of SI/Steam

14-11-2008, 23:01
I tried to authenticate my legal copy (first time i was convinced to actually buy a FM game after playing the DEMO) with Steam, i knew there was trouble coming because of the O/0 and I/1 issue. But whatever i tried, my code doesn't get accepted. The key helper link provided by FM didn't help either. I have honestly been spending 3 hours continously trying to authenticate the game.

I get the impression it actually pays to download a pirated copy, because all i have been reading is that those hacked copies DO work, so the paying gamers get the full load of crap instead.

I had have enough of this bullcrap. :thdn:

The first thing i do tomorrow is to return this game because of it's CRAPPY authentication system. Tell Steam and SI to go screw themselves. It will take a hell lot of convincing for me to ever buy a SI game in the future again. :mad:

14-11-2008, 23:02
100% true. my freinds have pirated copies and they all work ON RELEASE DAY.

14-11-2008, 23:03
To all those of you who think they've got a 'cracked' version of the game - the only cracks I've seen on the web are those purporting to convert the demo into the full game.

Now, the demo only runs for six months for a very good reason...so that it doesn't include the end-of-season update code so that it can't be converted into the full game.

So all those of you who now think they're playing a cracked version, have fun when all the malware, trojans and viruses you've no doubt let loose in your system have their fun.