View Full Version : FM 09 - The best bits

14-11-2008, 22:56
Gave up with steam or what ever it's called after the 4th crash.
Got the game loaded and running - great, been looking forward to this for weeks.

The highlights so far:

I really like the return of some old bugs, like being told I've made tactical changes when I haven't. Thought that went out years ago, must have had requests for it's return then

Love the way the game interprets single keyboard strokes as double characters

Amazed by the way it took me 10 hours to get onto a sigames site to share the joy

Wowed by the phone support that rang for 1 min 12 seconds than was engaged for 10 hours

And when I'm playing -

Knocked over by the amount of injuries in a match, can't wait to sign the extra 30 players I'll need to get to the end of the season

Like the way the game just hangs and then crashes if you go into a new screen.

Very impressed by the way the game hangs for 15 - 20 seconds the first time you go into the tactics / subs during a match

But most of all I am so impressed by the care and detail that has so obviously gone into testing the game.

I remember when, and this was many years ago, FM or CM as was used to announce a release date and more often than not miss it, some times by a couple of weeks, sometimes by a month and on one occasion by about 3 months.

But you know what, at the end of it you got a product that was 99% bug free and could be played, as opposed to one you can leave to gather dust on the shelves until someone bothers to write a patch.