View Full Version : anyone actually playing the game?

Deathcab for Cutie
14-11-2008, 22:37
reading through these posts, you get the feeling the end of the world is nigh?!

any positive feedback?

14-11-2008, 22:44
I haven't bought the game yet, but you deserve a prize for starting a positive thread.

I think people need to calm down, wait a few days, wait for it to be fixed, then play the game.

I finally got the demo working last night, and I like it.

14-11-2008, 22:44
I have posted in 2 threads that have been closed for fear upsetting the angry people and inflaming the situation! Actuall yes, i have been playing all day, no problems authenticating, no crashes, the patch is fantastic and IMO this could be the best FM yet! Its certainly much better than the demo, even the 3D seems improved!

bawbag the gr8
14-11-2008, 22:45
This game is awesome, and I've had no problems with it, well done SI!

14-11-2008, 22:45
i am :) but also trying to help sum1 who cant :(

14-11-2008, 22:46
I'm playing it fine, as well as I expected.
keycode was an arse and I can't find the editor.

14-11-2008, 22:48
I spent several hours messing around with this, finall got it to work. Worth the wait. FANTASTIC GAME! be patient, keep trying!

14-11-2008, 22:49
I can play it if i want to but the mouse keeps on flickering and its very difficult to play.

14-11-2008, 22:49
nah ive given up, its slowing my comp and internet down somthing cronic

14-11-2008, 22:50
Yes im playing now :D great game !!

14-11-2008, 22:50
Have to say, the 3D engine seems to be running much smoother than the demo version. It's looking pretty damn good.

14-11-2008, 22:51
I had massive problems connecting earlier...spent three hours solid with the "no internet connection" error...then got a -703 error then tried straight away again and it was okay.

the game is good :D

14-11-2008, 22:51
if your having a problem with the keycode this should help guys !!!!...........http://keylookup.fm2009.softanchorinsight.com/

14-11-2008, 22:53
The game is class have been playing non stop today well done si.

14-11-2008, 22:54
while i agree with it being no doubt the best fm of all time game wise and SI have obviously worked really hard

i think they will no doubt suffer for all them people that don't think to come online to forums and look for help - eg kids that have bought this game

but their ultimate decision to include DRM will effect next year sales no doubt - has anyone seen the horrible reviews on amazon? it's gone from 4 stars pre release to 1 star on release day all to do with DRM authetification - people there are not too happy

it's a shame because when we open the curtains the game is trully amazing

unfortunately SI have made the decision to include this online activation - and the jokers that they chose couldn't handle the release

i got on after buying the game today after 5 hours of trying

14-11-2008, 22:54
Finally got it working an hour ago after trying most of the day. After doing some fine tuning with the editor,im ready to go.

14-11-2008, 22:55
This game is awesome, and I've had no problems with it, well done SI!

ditto, the game is amazing!

14-11-2008, 22:55
Game is quality been playing a while now well since last night press conferences and stuff are good and running real smooth atm.

14-11-2008, 22:55
I was playing it, it crashed when i clicked on the score to see the game report for one of my friendlies

14-11-2008, 22:55
Same here been working since last night :)

No problems so far installing via steam, GOOD WORK by SI in my eyes


14-11-2008, 22:57
my game is fine at the moment.

14-11-2008, 22:59
I am loving it, it's excellent

14-11-2008, 23:02
Have loaded onto my mac tonight. 3D game much better than on the demo - even though I can't set graphics above the most basic.
The rest will take time to assess.......and a Mac patch before I embark on a serious game.
Amazon ratings are absurd - there were 5 stars up there before the demo was out. Now it reflects justified irritation at the almighty mess that this launch has been.

14-11-2008, 23:04
I downloaded the demo and the 2d and 3d are running realy slow and i have 1.7 ghz procesor 1GB ram and 256 graphic card ram!Is the full game any faster and smother?

14-11-2008, 23:07
I am playing after having problems activating with the ******* thing that wouldn't get me on the internet then i had the orange/geen box thing but their is light at the end of the tunnel, i am living proog, game is awesome, 3D improved amazingly

14-11-2008, 23:13
Started playing at ten(ish) last night. probably the best version yet. As others have said the patch has worked wonders. the match engine is improved and feels more polished than the demo. Only took ten mins to install/activate. Guess I got lucky. Avoid steam and use unicom for activation in my opinion.

14-11-2008, 23:17
Amazing game, the best they've released since CM 03/04 IMO.

14-11-2008, 23:17
This game is awesome, and I've had no problems with it, well done SI!

Have to say, the 3D engine seems to be running much smoother than the demo version. It's looking pretty damn good.

Agree with these guys. Just a shame that so many are having issues.

14-11-2008, 23:20
What a brilliant game, well done SI! Took me a while to get on but tbh it has been worth it. The only bad thing about this game is the fact that most people are having problems. The 3d, as already said, seems better than in the demo.


Deathcab for Cutie
14-11-2008, 23:27
i agree with you guys, game is fantastic. probably the best to date and the 3d is great

no issues with activation either. although the steam option was just too weird.