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14-11-2008, 22:12
I sit here as an avid fan of all the releases. I remember as as student in 1994 being handed my first opportunity to play the game. I had just started university in Exeter and had gone to a friend's house in the arse end of nowhere. His flatmate had a copy of the game and, as they headed out for a Friday night in Exeter, I was handed the controls. For the first time I took control of my beloved Chelsea. They returned on Monday. I don't think I had slept. They laughed. I had got Chelsea relegated. Since then I have bought every copy of the game. I can't remember the version but I bought the copy day of release. A mistake but one I begrudgingly forgave. I had no internet and couldn't get the update. I put 40 aside and returned to the previous version. I love the game that much. Now, many years on, I live in Switzerland and somehow have the internet. It is supplied by a cow with a phone and a coat hanger, but none the less... Last year I bought the game on the day of release and didn't look back. Today I spent much of the day laughing at a friend of mine in London for pre-ordering the game which never arrived. I left work hourly to go to the shops to see if it had been released. Eventually I got my copy at 6pm. I used my 3G phone to video call my friend, show him the box, and have another laugh. I returned home. As per last year it was only in French, German and Italian. I speak all of them mildly to be polite to myself. To be rude I suck at them all and really want to play footman in English. I copied the language from the demo and away I go. To crash at the first game. Patch O'clock. Website down. I imagine due to the volume of people after the patch for the "Greatest Job On Earth". No doubt. Eventually I get in. As well as having the internet here I also have a Mac. Is there a patch for the Mac? Is there F**k. Am I angry? Yes. I have written mails with little niggles before but have never received replies. I let them slide. But now I feel let down. I am sure no one will read this but.... I just feel too much energy has gone into promoting this game. Podcasts that last hours. A budget demo. A budget release that needed a patch the day of release. Championship Manager is ****. Please SI Games, don't go the way of the Premiership footballer. Is art imitating life. Is a response too much too ask? We will see. Dodgy torrents may seem worthwhile in the future. (Not really but...) Yours, Hoping for better....... Thank god for the joy of Portishead. (That's how bad it is, and sure someone will have a go for me being a noob. Also used to work with one of you testers years ago. Never knew why he left that job. Too much in brackets....)